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Give-A-Smile Program

When you buy from us, you're giving a smile!

Similar words might come to mind when thinking of the word "Indulge." Perhaps these words pop up first: comfort, pleasure, pamper, gratify, convenience. Or maybe just these words: sustain, supply, assist. 

Chances are, the word "Indulge" triggers the feelings of satisfaction and pleasure in getting what you want, when you want it. 

That's all good and dandy, unless you're the person that doesn't experience an indulgent life. Perhaps life dealt them a tough deck of cards. Maybe got laid off. Struggling as a single parent. Or just barely making ends meet and praying no unexpected charged pop up. 

We've been there too. At one time (or, more accurately, several times) my husband and I faced the bitter truth that we were going to be late on yet another bill. That it's literally either food for our kids that day, or pay the electric bill to keep us warm later that night.

On our son's first birthday, we didn't have money for a gift. Lucky for us, a one year old likely won't remember their birthday gifts. So we found two small scraps of wood, shaped them into elongated blocks, and both of us each carved away. The blocks had a number "1" carved on 2 sides, and the letter "L" carved on the other sides. These homemade blocks were the only birthday gifts our son got that year from us.

The Indulge Store Owners  Blocks Given To Our Son On His First Birthday, Before Opening The Indulge Store

We've gotten through many of those rough financial patches, and have gained much wisdom during those hard times. We learned how happy it made us to give to others, especially during our poorest seasons of life. 

No matter the money resting in our bank account, we've made it our mission to make people smile. Our way of doing that is by giving fun and interesting gifts to those who cannot do it themselves. We want everyone to live an indulgent life. If a mom isn't able to give to her child for his/her birthday, then we provide gifts for her to give. We don't want--or need-- the credit of giving the gift (though it's always fun to see them on Instagram!). We just hope to lighten someone else's load... and give a few big smiles along the way. 

A percentage of every purchase made goes toward purchasing gifts for others.

We'd love to hear from you!

Please let us know who we can help. We get several requests a day from our customers to let us know of a family or individual in need. This is awesome! We may take a few days to respond to your email, but we will respond.

If there's a family or individual in need, here's some information we generally like to know:

  • Their names (first name and first letter of last name for their confidentiality)
  • Approximate age(s) and interests
  • Why you feel they need some extra smiles 

Please note, we will be expanding this service to additional countries at a later time. But for now, we are focusing our efforts on the United States and Canada.