10 Oyster Gift Sets

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This is the perfect and unique gift for wedding party, large event favors, or just anyone wanting to knock off their shopping list with one purchase!

Some grandparents are even doing this as their Christmas gift to grandkids. They'll go down in the books as the "cool grandparents!"

**Please contact if you're needing more than 20 gift sets so we can give you an even better price!**

What you'll receive is a pack of 10 GIFT SETS. You won't find prices this low (and of this amazing quality) anywhere else. Just think: for less than $10 a person, your event favors and/or gift-giving shopping list is DONE! What a stress-free way to go!

Each gift set box comes with:

  • One FRESHWATER OYSTER sealed in a can (lasting up to 6 months while sealed)
  • 10mm silver plated HEART PENDANT to hold your pearl
  • 16" NECKLACE CHAIN (twisted Singapore-style chain)

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